TOOLS: highlighting comb, clips, foils, color brush, hair bleach with the appropriate volume (always seek a professional when using bleach), light pink color, dark pink color, light blue, dark blue, clear gloss.

Step 1 Highlight the tips of the hair using hair bleach with the correct volume. I lightened the bottom 3 inches of Lauren’s hair, taking it as light as possible without causing any damage. As you can see above, I like to “feather” on the bleach. Painting a jagged line makes it blend better.

Step 2 Fold up your foil and let it process until it reaches a pale blonde. Use the appropriate heat if necessary.

Step 3 Shampoo and lightly condition bleach out of the hair.

Step 4 Blow hair completely dry. If it’s still wet, it will soak up less color.

Step 5 Place the hair on a foil. Imagine the bleached out part being split into 3. You’re going to leave the top 1/3 blonde.

Step 6 Next, paint the light blue (or whatever color you choose) on the entire bottom 2/3.

Step 7 Paint the very tips (or bottom 1/3) using the darker version of that color. It should look almost feather like. Be sure to blend. Last, rinse out the color. I highly suggest washing them out one piece at a time and towel drying well so the colors don’t bleed into each other. If they do, you may see a “marbleizing” effect. I love when the colors all swirl together like that, but if you’re looking to keep them more defined, keep them away from each other when they’re wet. I like to finish up by sealing it with a clear gloss. That’s a professional use only product so if you don’t have access to it, you don’t have to do that. Blow dry and…Tah Daaah!!

This is such a fun summer trend and I hope everyone finds their own fun way of doing it. This is the time to get creative. Once it fades from the sun, pool, beach, or general wear, it becomes a pastel version which I think  is equally gorgeous! Color care shampoo can help keep your bright color from fading. Condition well and again, don’t let the wet strands sit next too each other too long if you don’t want the colors blending.

[source: The Beauty Department]


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